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Home Schooling and Education Advice for Parents

Parents in Scotland

Enquire, the Scottish advice service provides additional support for learning with a helpline for parents. Its mission is to increase awareness about children’s rights to additional support at school and at home. Assist parents and schools in ensuring that children receive the educational support they need.

0345 123 2303

Parents in England

Family Lives is a free and confidential helpline for families in England or Wales. It was previously known as Parentline. Call them if you’re looking for emotional support, direction, and guidance in any facet of parenting, education, or family life. Lines open 9am – 9pm Mon to Fri, and 10am – 3pm on weekends.

0808 800 2222

Parents in Wales

The Family Lives team also cover Wales as well as England. For additional Wales resources for parents, there are many helpful online resources at Support Gov.Wales. They have everything to help parents deal with the daily challenges of parenting, home learning, and child development in all areas of life.

0808 800 2222

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