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How can I help my child understand the protests and demonstrations in the news?

Young people of all ages are likely to be interested in and curious about the protests and demonstrations taking place across the world that are being reported in the news. Children are likely to see noisy and emotional protests from large groups of people in cities and towns around the world. Although most are peaceful demonstrations, some children could become overwhelmed or frightened.

How can we explain to our children what isĀ happening?

We all know that knowledge is the key to understanding. The more we know the more we will be able to form opinions based on facts.

This is important for all of us not just young people. In order to help our children understand we need to be well informed. Saying that, it is also important to keep explanations simple for our very young children. Sesame Street has provided a simple explanation to racism and demonstrations.

Blue Peter presenters explain racism clearly and sensitively, sharing their personal experiences.

How much detail about racism should we discuss with our children?

The current demonstrations are about equality for black people. There is much literature on the internet but this can be overwhelming for us as adults let alone for our young people.

This is a good opportunity to educate ourselves so that we can help our children learn about racism and The Black Lives Matters movement.

These links give advice about how parents can talk to their children about racism.Ā

What if my child wants to get involved?

This is a very useful link that will give young people some ideas about how to make a difference

The Blue Peter link gives some ideas about what children can do to help stop racism.