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Confidentiality Promise

Our promise

Starline is a free service which offers support to parents and carers in relation to the home-schooling of their children.  This service will utilise the skills and experience of education specialists from Star Academies and across the wider education sector who will provide advice and support to parents and carers in relation to their children’s academic studies, pastoral care and their emotional and physical well-being.

The service is confidential, whether you contact us by phone, email, through our web site or in writing though there are some specific occasions where we may need to break that confidentiality (these are listed within).

We won’t share your data with anyone outside of Star Academies and the StarLine volunteer team and we won’t use your information to send you any marketing information. The information from your enquiry is restricted to the Starline team.

Who can access your information?

Only staff at Star Academies and Starline volunteers can access the information you give us. We won’t share your information unless there is a reason to break confidentiality, as listed within.

Third party providers, such as our software providers may access the records at any point for technological support, but they will never share the information or pass it on.

Breaking our confidentiality agreement

There are times where we’ll need to break this confidentiality agreement; the following are such occasions, though this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Where information of terrorism, money laundering or a bomb threat is disclosed to us;
  • If we receive a court order or in order to comply with our legal obligations to share information;
  • If we have safeguarding concerns in relation to any individual (i.e. we believe that you or someone else has been, or is, at risk of serious harm);
  • In the event that our staff or service is abused; and
  • If we believe someone is taking steps to end their life.

If appropriate, we will inform you that we’re going to do this.

For further information about how we use your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.