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The Starline Project

StarLine was a nationwide helpline for parents of children at home that was established as a response to school closures. The helpline – which has now closed – was operated by a partnership of organizations for parenting and education, giving parents and their carers the opportunity to seek advice on the subject of at home by learning from teachers with years of experience.

Schools did their best to continue to educate students across the nation during the closures. Parents were faced with the extremely challenging task of assisting their children’s education at home while juggling numerous other obligations. StarLine provided additional support, advice, and guidance on learning in at-home surroundings.

StarLine Partners

Alliance for Learning – Bright Futures Education Trust

The Teaching School “Alliance For Learning’ is one of the massive high-performing teaching schools located in the North West and is part of the Bright Futures Educational Trust. The Teaching School is comprised of more than 100 schools, a SCITT that covers Primary, Early Years and Secondary, and an established Maths Hub and has a diverse range of sectors and work streams that cross-cut.

Cabot Learning Federation

The year 2019 marked the 10th anniversary in the history of Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) which is the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) which is a Multi Academy Trust. Over the period, CLF has developed from a small Bristol-based secondary education collaboration to become an instinctively large and ambitious organization of more than 20 organizations, catering to the needs of more than 11,000 young children from the age of 3 to 19. CLF is funded through the University of the West of England and Rolls-Royce PLC. 

Its academies are situated in three clusters of 3-19 situated in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. CLF employs around 1,800 employees with a variety of positions designed to assist children to succeed in their lives. The Federation also depends on the commitment and time of more than 200 governors who volunteer who support the CLF ideals and goals for its pupils and schools.


CENMAC is a London-based professional advisory, training, and support service that assists in the use of Assistive Technology to facilitate education and communication. CENMAC is a service that is person-centred, offering support across all levels of education, including general education and special. CENMAC is in collaboration with other specialist organizations and provides expertise and knowledge in a variety of other requirements related to physical, speech and language impairments, memory impairments, sensory impairments, organization, literacy and dyslexia.

Confederation of School Trusts

The Confederation of School Trusts (CST) is the main national organization and the sector body for trusts that run schools that are located in England, advocating for connecting and supporting executives and governance leaders. CST’s aim is to build an exceptional school system throughout England and make every school a part of a solid and long-lasting group, where every child is an effective teacher, and all adults are able to become better and stronger as leaders and teachers.

David Ross Education Trust

The David Ross Education Trust is an exclusive network of diverse academies dedicated to becoming one of the most successful multi-academy trusts across the country. The Trust is recognized as one of the eleven system leaders across the nation The Trust is a partner with 34 secondary and primary schools across the nation. In union and by sharing a common philosophy and values, The close-knit community of schools allows students to begin and continue their elite academic experience through secondary and primary schools in the David Ross Education Trust.


Freshworks gives businesses of any size using SaaS services for customer interaction, making it simple for support staff to effectively communicate with customers to provide improved service. Freshworks offers StarLine an online support system, Freshdesk, that facilitates two-way communication between StarLine advisors and parents who require assistance with home-based learning.

Future Academies

Future Academies was founded with the goal of improving prospects for life and increasing the hopes of youngsters. The foundation’s slogan, Libertas per Cultum (Freedom through Education), is the most concise description of its mission for education which is to provide students with freedom from discrimination, poverty, or ignorance and to give them the freedom to think about the validity of their choices, freedom to make decisions and the freedom to be successful. To accomplish these objectives, Future Academies believes in the effectiveness of a high-quality education that is a rich source of knowledge. Education is the most ideal base to help students be successful in overcoming social obstacles regardless of their circumstances or beginning locations.

Inspiration Trust

Inspiration Trust Inspiration Trust is dedicated to providing academic excellence for the children of East Anglia, pairing the most excellent teaching with the most diverse opportunities. The trust’s educational offerings are focused on knowledge-based education and extensive cultural offerings as fundamental activities. They are firmly committed in the development of teachers and offer teachers’ initial training courses as well as continuing professional development programs.


Mumsnet is the most popular network for parents. It has about 10 million unique users each month and averages about 100 million views on its pages. It frequently campaigns on issues such as assistance for families with children with special requirements, improvement in miscarriage and postnatal care and family-friendly work. 

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is an online classroom and resource hub designed by teachers. The goal of the Academy is to help teachers help their students. Oak National Academy provides a library of high-quality and sequenced videos and other resources that teachers can use as they choose. Lessons cover a variety of topics, including maths, English arts and languages. Teachers can utilize these resources to enhance their lesson plans and remote teaching until schools open. Each lesson is free to be used by every teacher and student.


PLMR is a prestigious public affair as well as a digital marketing agency, with its headquarters in Westminster in the middle of the political life of the United Kingdom and has offices in Birmingham as well as Scotland, the East of England and Scotland. There are more than 50 consultants who work across many sectors, with many specialities, such as education, social services, health, transportation, technology and energy. It is among Britain’s fastest-growing communication companies.

Star Academies

Star Academies is a multi-academy trust that manages a wide collection of secondary and primary schools throughout the nation. The Star Academies’ efforts are focused on enhancing the ambitions of children and youth who are at an economic and social disadvantage to enhance their chances of living and assist them in achieving the highest levels of learning as well as employment and professions. In each Star school, every staff member, parent, and local community are dedicated to nurturing the future generation and developing the future leaders of tomorrow.

Star Institute

Star Institute is committed to the personal and professional growth of school employees and is committed to contributing significantly to an ever-improving and self-improve school system. The Institute is recognized as an official National Teaching School, licensed to offer the DfE National Professional Qualifications for Leadership, and is an accredited supplier of Initial Teacher Training. 

Star Institute also plays an active role in managing school-to-school support and encouraging partnerships. The Institute is a national institution and is able to operate through its affiliated campuses and National Teaching Schools in towns and cities throughout The North, Midlands and South. Support and training programmes are offered to every school, multi-academy trust, and local authority.

Active Learning Trust Active Learning Trust

The Active Learning Trust is a group comprising 21 primary, secondary, secondary and special schools across the East of England in all counties, including Suffolk as well as Cambridgeshire. The staff, children, and students in The Active Learning Trust are active learners as well as active leaders and citizens who live active lives within their communities as well as all over the world.

Triple P

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – is among the most practical, evidence-based childrearing schedules available and is backed by over 35 years worth of continuous research. Triple P offers parents easy and effective strategies to help them develop solid, healthy relationships that allow them to effectively handle their kid’s behaviour and avoid problems that may develop. Triple P is currently in use across more than 25 nations and has been proven to be effective across different social-economic classes, cultures and across a variety of family structures.

United Learning

United Learning is a group of independent schools and academies that strive to provide top-quality education for children and youngsters across the nation and ensure that all students can progress through their studies, achieve, and then go on to be successful in life. Schools of United Learning have a goal to bring out the “best in everyone”, which includes staff, students as well as parents and the larger community. United Learning’s philosophy is backed by an understanding of morality and a commitment to do what is best for young and children, as well as supporting colleagues to achieve excellence and acting with integrity in all of our interactions with the organization and beyond for the benefit of children and young people all over the world.

Wellspring Academy Trust

Wellspring Academy Trust is a diverse group comprising 25 mainstream academies and special and alternative schools that operate in the North of England. The Trust operates in a spirit of professionalism and generosity, working with the system to motivate leaders and develop and build communities of practice to have a significant impact. Schools serve as ambassadors of their communities with an ethical and inclusive approach that guarantees high-quality leadership and expert assistance to increase the chances of life of children and young adults.