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StarLive is our weekly YouTube series that explores aspects of parenting, education and home learning.

Join us for a conversation with guest education and parenting experts every
Wednesday at 8.30am.

Each episode will provide simple and engaging ideas for home learning.  We’ll show you some of the best education resources available and provide more information on topics that have arisen during StarLine conversations: the content of StarLive will be the real issues that parents are talking about.

Upcoming Episodes

EPISODE 11: Wednesday 8 July

‘The one about weird sleep and dreams’

Expert sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski from the Sleepy Clinic will join us at 8.30am on Wednesday 8 July. With longer days and bright evenings, sleep can often be affected in the summer. During the pandemic, worries and fears may be making this worse and could also be causing children to have weird, and possibly frightening, dreams. Stephanie will explain why the current situation might be impacting on sleep and what parents and carers can do to help children sleep better.

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‘The one about helping them learn at home’

Our guest, Matt Hood (Principal at Oak National Academy) joins host Sophie Backen (StarLine & Star Academies) to talk about getting structures right for home learning with children during the lockdown. This episode covers key factors in supporting good behaviour for learning, how to find helpful resources to get children learning and some of the popular topics parents are asking the StarLine team for support with.


‘The one about staying connected’

Our guest this week is a teacher and parent, Nabil Jamil from The Olive School, who shares his ideas and advice for helping children to stay connected with their friends and family during the lockdown. This episode explores how everyday distractions, such as technology, gaming and Netflix, that could prevent some children from home learning can all play a positive role in children’s development and wellbeing.


‘The one with the Mumsnet questions’

Our guest, Rowan Davies from Mumsnet joins StarLive to discuss the questions about home learning that are currently trending on Mumsnet. Rowan is joined by a panel of education and parenting experts from StarLine, who provide tips and ideas to help parents and carers to overcome some of the major challenges of home learning.



‘The one about staying calm when they’re not’

Our guest this week is Dave Whitaker from Wellspring Academy Trust who shares his tips and advice about ways to talk to children who may be finding the current situation difficult. Many children, even those who normally behave well at home, may be reacting to this ‘new normal’ by getting angry, sad or frustrated, and some children could be withdrawn or lethargic. Dave explains approaches we can all take to help children to join us in our calm, rather than joining them in their chaos.



‘The one about positive parenting’

Matt Buttery, CEO of Triple P Parenting, joins StarLive to share tips and ideas to support you to maintain a positive approach to parenting even in the face of the extended lockdown. Matt’s advice will you to help ensure the half term break is fun and playful for all the family, as well as an opportunity to find some time to take care of yourself.



‘The one about helping teenagers cope with lockdown’

This week’s guest is Lisa Fathers from Alliance for Learning who provide tips and approaches for helping teenagers to manage their stress, be mentally healthy and keep up their motivation for home learning. Lisa shares her experiences as a Mental Health First Aider, an ambassador for the Youth Sports Trust and as a school leader.



‘The one about bereavement’

Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult emotional experiences that we can have in life, and the current situation may complicate and exacerbate this for some. In this episode, Lisa Fathers from Alliance for Learning explores how parents and carers can support children and young people who may have experienced a bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic.



‘The one about helping children to learn online safely’

With many schools developing their use of online learning to support children while they’re not in school, many parents and carers are unsure how best to support their children to engage with and make the most of the lessons and how to stay safe online. Bukky Yusuf from The Edith Kay School shares practical ideas for supporting children to learn using online resources and gives her top tips for online safety.


‘The one about helping children to explore the news’

We get our news from lots of places; the TV, social media, newspapers, and more, and what’s going on in the world presents a great learning opportunity for young people. Emily Owen from the Education Centre at the Houses of Parliament shares ideas on how to help children process and think critically about topics covered on the news, how to identify fake news and suggestions on resources to use to link current events with their learning.



‘The one about what research tells us works at home’

Literacy expert, English teacher and author Alex Quigley from the Education Endowment Foundation gives an insight into what research tells us about reading, writing and vocabulary and their impact on children’s development. Alex also gives practical guidance for parents about how they can support children to make use of some simple tools for embedding and extending children’s learning at home.