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Best Star Projector Night Light

star projector night light

Does your child have a fear of the dark? It’s common for children to ask for a lamp or TV to be left on, or the bedroom door left open slightly, so that they’re not in complete darkness.

As children transition from babies to toddlers, they become more aware of their surroundings and imagination is sometimes hard to separate from reality. The classic “monster under the bed” or “ghost in the wardrobe” is a perfect example of how kids can scare themselves into needing a light on for falling asleep. 

Some kids may never go through this phase, and are happy to go to bed in the pitch black. But whether your child needs a light on or not, today’s star projector night lights are enjoyed by all the family. 

These night light project stunning galaxies, nebulas, stars, and planets across the entire room, with a spectrum of moving southing lights that are a joy to watch or use as a sleep aid. 

They’re a much better option than leaving the lights on or the door open. Also, many of these types of night lights play calming music and sounds that can help your child drift off to sleep. 

Types of Kid’s Night Lights

There are now many different kinds of night lights. From a simple lamp that plugs into a socket, to high-tech night lights with music, and a starry sky that projects onto the walls and ceiling. There are also night lights that look like animals, like elephants, turtles, bears, foxes, and almost any other animal you can think of. So your children are sure to find something they feel cosy with.

There are even night lighting projector systems with wi-fi connections and smart lighting – things have come a long way since the Glo Worm’s of the 1980s.

We’ve put together a list of our top three night lights with star projectors for kids, based on rigorous research, review criteria, and feedback from parents. 

1 – Smart Star Projector, Panamalar WiFi Galaxy Projector with LED Nebula Cloud

Smart Star projector Nebula

The projector’s round shape looks very contemporary, and the workmanship is excellent. Surprisingly, it can be mounted on the three feet attached to the narrow side. Additionally, this configuration enables the projection to be made onto the wall, upward diagonally, or directly onto the ceiling.

The stars on the SK20 rotate slowly as one of the few starry sky projectors in our test. In the test, our tester thought this was very enjoyable. The speed can be adjusted in the companion app, which also functions as a remote control, and can also be decreased to zero, so users who prefer fixed stars will still get their money’s worth.

The different fog colours can be chosen individually or collectively on a colour wheel as an alternative to using pre-programmed light modes. This might not seem very intuitive at first glance for people who have never used a digital graphics programme.

Simply choose the appropriate primary colour to turn on each LED individually. Choose the colour that sits in-between the two primary hues if you want red and blue fog, for example, or purple if you want blue and red fog. 

The colour intensity slider is used instead of the colour wheel to display all three colours of the fog. When this is set to zero, the ceiling is illuminated simultaneously with all colours. similar to stars

The timer can also be adjusted in any way. This can be set to times between one minute and 24 hours, and it performed flawlessly in our test. The fact that the app displays the time left on the timer is also a very nice feature.

We have some issues with the fact that the only other option for using it is on the device itself, which necessitates the creation of an (at least free) account. Additionally, the projector and smartphone need to be connected to the same WLAN network. 

Even though the manufacturer explicitly states in the operating instructions that these issues are of utmost importance to him, it is difficult to understand how a no-name product like this looks in terms of data protection and data security.

But it would have needed a much longer test to understand any security gaps. We didn’t want to dismiss these issues entirely. The Panamalar SK20 starry sky projector is our favourite, despite the fact that these factors are not taken into account in the final score because they are pure conjecture.

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2 – LaView Star Projector HD Image Large Projection

LaView Star Projector HD Image

The LaView Star projector has 8 sets of LTR optical lenses, which allow for high levels of light transmission, and green laser light that can be adjusted on three different levels. With the incredibly lifelike image produced by our galaxy projector’s ultra-large projection area, which can reach 130 square feet, you can spend happy times at home with family or friends.

The Earth, the Moon, and the Southern Hemisphere are all included on an Ultra HD optical film disc that is part of the star projector’s minimum 6000×6000 resolution. 

If you open the project, you’ll be immersed in a splendid galaxy made up of more than 150 thousand high-definition stars that are located in the southern hemisphere. Space shows off a stunning image of Earth and a brilliant full Moon. A disc measuring just 0.47 square inches can project a 4000xHD image.

The new moon serves as inspiration for the project’s hollow-carved half-moon shape. The infrared remote controls the star projector. The 0-90 degree tilt range of the LaView projector greatly expands its practicality. 

To move a project from the ceiling to the wall, simply switch to the opposite. You can programme the projector’s auto-off timer to turn it off in 10, 30, or 60 minutes. To put your mind at ease, you can leave it on while you sleep.

Instantly set the mood in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else with the LaView Night Light projector. The projector can also be used for reading bedtime stories to your children. In a matter of minutes, you can set the mood for an outdoor dinner, a spa day, or a movie night in your own home. More movie discs from our company are on the way. (the latest movie’s disc isn’t included in the player)

Available LaView galaxy projector Featuring four charming hues and a sophisticated industrial design, these toys are perfect for giving to kids and adults alike. 

It can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a birthday or anniversary decoration, in a home theatre, as a Christmas decoration, in a game room, or in a child’s bedroom. An ideal present for stimulating children’s creativity, it can also be used as a party decoration, during quiet family time, or during meditation.

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3 – LED Star Projector Galaxy Projector Light, Night Light Projector with White Noise Soothes Sleep

LED Alien EGG star night light projector

A baby dinosaur may be hiding inside this cracked star projector in the shape of a hatching egg. The magic of the night sky can be brought indoors with the help of the popular light projector for kids, who will be inspired to explore the universe’s boundless beauty.

Living stars breathe and scatter across the sky (the projection surface), simulating the appearance of a real starry night. The nebula projection view is a rainbow of 14 colours thanks to the use of single-colour, dual-colour, and triple-colour (based on green, red, blue, and white). 

The room’s gorgeous nebula can be changed to any colour, transforming the space into anything from a vibrant galaxy to a sultry underwater paradise. The night was truly magical.

The night light’s 19 white noise songs range from the gentle sounds of frogs and rain to wind chimes. Play some soothing music to help you drift off to sleep. 

The projection angle and brightness of the galaxy light can be changed between three different settings. Aim for a one- or two-hour work session, then relax under the stars with some white noise.

Listen to your music on the go by pairing the device with a Bluetooth speaker and playing it from your phone or computer. The projected scene will boogie to the beat of the music when the rhythm mode is activated. 

Create a lively environment for dancing and parties by recording and reacting quickly to sounds.

Its unusual design suggests it would make a fun plaything or tasteful home accent. Beautiful skies like these inspire boundless creativity about everything in the universe. The led galaxy projector light is safe for both kids and adults to use thanks to its passing standard safety tests.

How do Star Projectors Work?

The functionality and operation of an LED starry sky projector are incredibly straightforward. The night light is either battery-powered or connected to a power source via a USB charging cable, and it employs LEDs to project a large starry sky onto the ceiling (this should ideally be bright and monochromatic).

Alternately, the light or starry sky can be directed toward a wall. However, walls that are lavishly decorated, such as with motif wallpaper, are not ideal because the effect is less noticeable and the room quickly becomes restless rather than calming due to the abundance of patterns.

Thanks to the integrated colour changer, the image on the ceiling alternates between distinct hues. Typically, the lamp can also rotate, creating a dynamic night sky.

You can control the entire projector system using a remote control, an application, or various settings on the device itself. Bluetooth-enabled devices can play music from a user’s smartphone, allowing the light to move to the beat of the music to create a heavenly, beautiful star -Show results!

Nightlight Criteria 

Warm colours (orange, crimson, brown) can have a calming effect and therefore positively affect sleep. However, it should not be too potent, as this has a tendency to stimulate. 

As they can have a negative effect on sleep, bluish, cold colours should not be used. Therefore, when selecting a night light, pay close attention to the hue.

Brightness: It goes without saying that your night light should not be excessively bright so as not to disturb your sleep. Good night lights are dimmable, so they can be tailored to your specific needs (close to the bed, brightness in the bedroom)

Socket or battery operation: night lights powered by batteries are more versatile because they can be placed anywhere. It is ideal if both battery and electrical power operation are possible.

If your children fall asleep best with background noise, we recommend a night light with lullaby capabilities. A programmable timer is useful for stopping the music after a predetermined amount of time.

Since night lights are typically used in the dark, it is essential that they are easy to operate, preferably with large buttons. When your children reach a certain age, they will be able to operate the light on their own.

Energy consumption and heat production: Observe a light that uses LED technology. This consumes little electricity and generates no heat in the kids’ bedroom.

Star Night Light Colours

According to research on sleep, warm colours (orange, reddish, and brown) can have a calming effect. However, you should never use a night light that is too bright, as this can inhibit the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Adjusting the brightness of a dimmable light prevents your children’s sleep from being disturbed.

Ensure that your nightlight does not necessarily emit a bluish, cold light. This has a greater stimulating effect and makes it more difficult for your children to fall asleep. The negative impact of blue light has been known for quite some time, and Der Spiegel refers to it as the “caffeine effect”

When selecting a night light, it is also essential that the light can be dimmed. Blue light that is too bright inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and can disrupt sleep. You can compare the colours to determine which one best suits your child.

Adapter or Battery Power:

The benefit of rechargeable night lights is that they can be placed anywhere. Therefore, you can place it near the cot (though not too brightly) even if there is no outlet nearby.

It is ideal if both battery and electrical power operation are possible. Nothing could be worse than realising just before bed that the battery is dead and must be charged first.

Lullabies and Audio

If your children fall asleep more easily with white noise, we recommend a model that can also play lullabies. The variety of melodies is vast. This should be considered when making your selection.

A programmable timer is useful so that the music (and/or the light) turns off after a predetermined amount of time. So that you do not need to get up when you are already seated comfortably on the couch.

Who would have thought? Night lights are used in the dark. At night, it is easier to operate the night light if it has simple controls, preferably large buttons.

Additionally, when your children are older, they will be able to operate the light independently. So that they can choose independently when to turn the light on and off and which bedtime song to play.

Night Light Power Consumption

Note, a night light that utilises LED technology. LED lamps consume less electricity and produce no heat in the children’s room, as compared to other types of lighting.

Controlling Your Projector Light

A remote control is always useful and, in our opinion, is superior to a companion app. Given that most of the manufacturers are unknown, it is difficult to evaluate the app’s data security. The same holds true for compatibility with different smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest. With remote control, you can make safe adjustments to the device without having to get up every time.


A sleeping environment that is excessively bright can negatively impact sleep quality. To prevent this from occurring, the starry sky projector should not be left on all night. Using it as a sleep aid for your own children is not a problem, as you can simply turn it off or dim the lights when you go to bed.

What colour of light should a night light have?

It has been found that exposure to warm colours (orange, reddish, brown) can help induce sleep by creating a soothing environment. But don’t make it too potent, as that can be stimulating. 

Night lights should not be too bright because they can disrupt sleep.

Make the buttons as big as possible so they’re not difficult to use. The night light can still be used, and eventually, even the youngest children will be able to turn it on and off independently.

Can you use a starry sky projector as a night light?

There isn’t necessarily a problem with using the projector as a nightlight in addition to other uses. There are even models available that are made specifically for this use and can play well-known songs, like lullabies. However, models that aren’t made specifically for kids still produce good nightlights. And even for adults, the relaxing light can be a great sleep aid.

However, too much light can be detrimental to our sleep patterns and sleep quality in general. Our body produces more melatonin when it gets dark, which aids in falling asleep. 

On the other hand, bright light maintains melatonin production at a daily minimum. As a result, you might have a harder time falling asleep, sleep less soundly, and wake up feeling less rested.

The exception is children under the age of six. Children of this age can sleep with the light on without any issues or negative side effects as they are not yet exclusively night owls. 

The kids have no trouble using the starry sky projector as a nightlight. To counteract the potential drawbacks, everyone else should, if at all possible, use a model with a dimmable light and a timer.