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Sharon Wilson

child listening to audio book

Learning Audio Books for Children

Audio books and podcasts have become very popular. The digital world has opened access to vast archives of interesting and educational conversations suited to people of all ages. Obviously, some subject matters in these audiobooks are not suitable for children, but there are now many educational audio books designed just for kids’ development. And in… Read More »Learning Audio Books for Children

parent using tablet with child to homeschool

Best Tablet for Homeschooling in 2022

The children’s tablets in our test offer safe playing areas for primary-school-age kids as well as a working multimedia PC for teens, so at home (the digital homeschooling experience), you can get plenty done. Children’s tablets offer parental control, high performance, and robust design. They can be loaded with kid-friendly educational apps, games, e-books and… Read More »Best Tablet for Homeschooling in 2022