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Best Tablet for Homeschooling in 2023

parent using tablet with child to homeschool

The children’s tablets in our test offer safe playing areas for primary-school-age kids as well as a working multimedia PC for teens, so at home (the digital homeschooling experience), you can get plenty done.

Children’s tablets offer parental control, high performance, and robust design. They can be loaded with kid-friendly educational apps, games, e-books and documentaries, allowing parents to regulate and manage exactly what their kids have access to on these devices.

Recommended Child Tablets

Experts recommend gently introducing children to digital devices rather than banning them across the board. The children’s tablets in our test enable the little ones, accompanied by their parents, to get to know the digital space in a safe environment.

Parents decide how powerful the tablets should be and what they should be able to do. So you have the choice between educational toys that only look like tablets for the little ones, VTech learning tablets without internet for preschool children, fully equipped 7-inch tablets with greatly simplified technology or high-performance Amazon children’s tablets in 10 inches for primary school students.

Whether 7, 8 or 10 inches, children’s tablets with Android or Fire OS – we will compare the most well-known child-rated tablets and support you in doing so.

Apple ipad 9th Generation Tablet

childs iPad tablet

With the 9th generation iPad, introduced in 2021, you get a tablet ideal for everyday tasks. Even if it doesn’t look any different from its predecessor, there’s more power inside the new iPad.

The Apple A13 bionic chip, which is also in the iPhone 11 (here with a contract), provides sufficient performance for reading, streaming films and gaming. Compared to the previous model, the chip represents an upgrade, as does the display, which now also supports TrueTone. With a 10.2-inch screen diagonal, it should be big enough for school applications and for playing games in your free time.

You should ask yourself an important question at the beginning: Do your children need an iPad with mobile data, or is it enough if they can access the Internet via WLAN at home or school?

The iPad is currently available in two versions: Apple’s entry-level tablet with 64 GB of storage space and without a cellular module, i.e. without mobile data. If you want a tablet for your children that can also be used to access the Internet on the go, Apple offers a version of the iPad that you can insert a SIM card into. With a corresponding tariff, you can then surf at LTE speed anywhere there’s a phone signal.

Do your kids need more tablet space to store homework, presentations, educational materials and apps? Then you should take a look at the iPad version with a higher 256 GB storage capacity.

What’s more, iPad have “Smart keyword” attachments for real-life keyboard typing – great for writing and motor skill development. They attach to the iPad magnetically without cables, switches and pairing. Its Magic Keyboard delivers even more with its floating design, backlit keys, and an integrated trackpad.

iPad mini and Pro: Overview of the current Apple tablets

The battery of the iPad lasts a full day of lessons and beyond – you can surf the web or play videos for up to ten hours via WLAN. You can power the tablet via the Lightning connector if you need to charge it.

Another connection is the Smart Connector, to which you can connect Apple’s Smart Keyboard. In addition, the iPad even has a 3.5 mm jack to which you can connect your wired headphones. Especially if you have several children who are being taught digitally at the same time or watching videos while you work from home, such a small connection is a real blessing

Specifications iPad

  • Chip: A13 bionic chip
  • Storage capacity: Choice of 64 GB or 256 GB
  • Display: 10.2 inch retina display (2160 x 1620 pixels)
  • Apple Pencil: Support 1st generation
  • Keyboards: support smart keyboard
  • Camera: 8 MP (wide angle) + 12 MP (ultra wide angle front camera)
  • Battery: 32.4Wh
  • Internet: via WLAN + optionally mobile data

The Apple tablet has the best range of apps and is easy to use. Also, the settings that allow parents to restrict usage for children are very powerful. You can find more information about this on this help page at Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6 Lite With S Pen

galaxy S6 educational tablet

If you are looking for a good starter tablet for home schooling for your children or need one for the home office yourself, you should check and compare current offers at Amazon, Currys, and even eBay for the best deals.

Are you looking for an entry-level tablet for your kids that won’t cost a fortune yet offers the performance of a powerful device?

Then the Amazon offer for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite would be an ideal fit for your family. In most cases, it comes with a very handy S Pen stylus, which is not only useful for writing and marking. Presentations or videos can also be operated effortlessly with the pen, with spell checking and grammar checker.

Samsung Tab S6 Lite: Who is the tablet for?

While the “big brother” of the S6 Lite version, the Tab S6 from the Samsung Galaxy series is considered a solid competitor to Apple’s iPad, some hardware power has been saved here in order to bring a tablet onto the market that is also suitable for the smaller purse is suitable. But that doesn’t mean that the Tab S6 Lite needs to hide. Our colleagues from GIGA had already thoroughly tested the tablet.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Light is worth it for those who require an ultra-compact device to do homework, watch movies, check email, or mark up texts. This tablet is ideal for children or tablet newcomers since it also plays educational games and applications for all ages.

The included Samsung S-Pen has a sensor that registers how hard the tip of the S Pen presses on the screen surface. This not only allows you to write notes in no time at all, but also small drawings, math formulas and tables can be made quickly with it. Whether for home schooling your children, home office work or just because – the Tablet S6 Lite is definitely a practical companion in everyday life.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro children’s tablet

kids Fire tablet

The Amazon Kids Pro tablet is also available as a 7 or8 inch variant, whereby the 10-inch children’s tablet has a better image resolution and is fundamentally more powerful with the octa-core processor, which is more fun for older children.

At the latest, when they are in primary school, children have their first experiences with digital media, and not only in homeschooling. The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet was tailored by Amazon to meet the needs of primary school children. Accordingly, the Pro children’s tablet differs from the conventional Amazon Fire HD children’s tablet primarily in terms of the children’s rights of use.

Parents still have an overview in the Amazon dashboard and must first allow their children’s app requests for Netflix, Minecraft and Co. before they can be used.

However, access to the Internet is generally open with the Pro tablet. While the Amazon children’s tablet only allows preschoolers access to selected pages, the Pro version means that parents have to block pages that they do not want for their children – provided they have not already been blocked by the built-in filter as not being age-appropriate.

In addition, primary school students can use WiFi to make voice and video calls to authorized contacts to stay in touch with their school friends.

  • Age recommendation: 6 to 12 years
  • Screen: 10-inch full HD display (1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • Operating system: Fire OS (Amazon)
  • child-friendly case
  • Camera: Front camera 2MP, and 5-MP rear camera with video recording
  • CPU and RAM: Octa-Core processor with 2.0 GHz and 3 GB RAM
  • Storage: 32 GB internal, expandable by up to 1 TB with a microSD card
  • Connection: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C charging port, headphone jack
  • Content: 1 year of free Amazon Kids+ with ad-free access to apps, games, books, videos, learning apps such as quick calculations, learning success and Conni English
  • Access to the App Shop, where parents have to confirm the app requests
  • Parental Controls: browse the internet safely with built-in filters, parental blocking of websites, voice and video calls only to authorized contacts
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours (depending on brightness and sound volume use)
  • Weight: 718g
  • Package contents: 10-inch children’s tablet, USB cable, charger, protective case with adjustable stand

The 10-inch children’s tablet has better image resolution, more storage space and better processor performance. It is therefore ideally tailored to the needs of school children. However, the 10-inch tablet is rather unwieldy for smaller children. In addition, a larger tablet also means more weight for the children to carry. A 5 to 8-inch tablet is perfectly adequate for preschool children.

Parents of primary school children are happy in their children’s reviews that there is finally a children’s tablet for older children. The improved processing power of the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet alone is an asset for children who previously used the Fire 7 or Fire HD 8 kids tablet.

All games run smoothly. The children have more freedom in the choice of content and are still well protected by parental rights. However, as with the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet, the 10-inch Pro version is criticized for requiring unnecessary effort to set up the device because the apps are not sorted clearly enough.

General tips for dealing with children with tablets

Sets limits: The BzgA recommends a maximum of 30 minutes for preschool children and a maximum of 60 minutes for elementary school children per day. Exceptions are allowed but should be accompanied by breaks.

Accompany your children: The worlds of screens, electronic gadgets and apps exert an almost magical attraction on children. Be aware of your responsibility, accompany the use and explain connections, dangers and limits to your children.

Pay attention to a healthy posture and avoid health traps: The BzgA also gives valuable tips for this .

Define screen-free times: This way, you avoid your children asking you to use the tablet again and again throughout the day.

Prioritise educational use: Load the tablet with educational apps -science, math, English, economics – all such apps to help with school progression are available, and set Youtube to shower educational material.