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Fun Ways to Make Money for 12 Year Olds

12 year old kid earning money

Children of a certain age usually welcome the opportunity to take on some additional responsibilities, with a money-making job topping the list.

There are various ways for tweens to get some additional money, even if the majority of them are not old enough for formal jobs. This is a guide to help 12 year olds find some ideas for work – earn money and responsibility, build confidence and your bank.

Is Age 12 Too Young for Work?

While it may be unrealistic to expect a 12-year-old to work full-time in a big retail store, supermarket, or some other typical mainstream job, that doesn’t mean they’re too young to pick up odd jobs. Even helping out parents at a family business for pocket money will teach them valuable life skills about working adult life and finances. 

While it may be unrealistic to expect a 12-year-old to work full-time in a big retail store, supermarket, or some other typical mainstream job, that doesn’t mean they’re too young to pick up odd jobs.

Even helping out parents at a family business for pocket money will teach them valuable life skills about working adult life and finances.  If you’re looking for suggestions on how your kid can make some real money, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Although your preteen may be ready to start working, there are certain things to consider first.

You should start by thinking about how old your youngster is. It’s fair to say that some 12-year-olds are more developed than others. The capacity to understand the nature of work, the value of money, and the resilience to deal with whatever may come with them are all components of adulthood. 

It takes maturity to be able to get things done when other kids your age are having fun; this is a challenge for young children, but it’s a terrific method to instil a work ethic in them.

Remember to think about your tween’s availability, preferred location, and the type of work they’re interested in doing. The ability to work might be hampered by some tweens’ intense extracurricular and sporting schedules. Yard work is another option, albeit it is seasonal and less adaptable (but not to be completely discounted).

To sum up, as a parent, you’re the best judge of whether or not your 12-year-old is ready to handle the responsibility of work and earning and managing money. If they are, they may be able to build up a nice savings account before they enter high school.

At what age is opening a bank account possible?

While it’s true that kids can’t get their hands on a credit card or open a bank account, parents can set them up with limited use parental controlled bank accounts like GoHenry or Rooster to teach them the value of saving, giving them an introduction to operating their own little debit bank card.   

It’s a great method for kids as young as 12 to get experience managing their own money and develop a sense of independence, and even younger kids will likely like the visual aspect of having their own coins and bills.

Could a 12 year old get a “real” job?

No one younger than 16 can legally hold a job in the UK. You need to have a national insurance number for tax purposes which 12 year olds do not have, and employers are bound by laws that prohibit the employment of those under 16’s.  

That rules out the vast majority of entry-level employment, including those in customer service, retail, data entry, and any cash handling. Online survey sites, for example, are often restricted to adults only, therefore many internet-based professions, like these, are not either. However, you’ll find several legitimate and secure suggestions for your 12-year-old to make money below.

Ways for 12 Year Old to Make Money 

Some of the following suggestions could call for some formal education or certification to implement. If that’s the case, you should look into local groups and companies that might be able to help.

Babysitting. Your tween may be well-prepared for this role if they have younger siblings of their own, but in order to monitor the children of others, they may need appropriate certificates and further training. It’s not easy to make a living doing this, but if your kid is good at entertaining kids at events like weddings and parties, they might potentially make quite a bit of money.

If your child has musical talent, teaching other kids how to play an instrument is a great way to put those skills to use while also giving them the chance to make some extra cash while doing something they enjoy. As one of the easiest internet occupations, they might easily complete this task without meeting in person.

Visual communication. Even while it may seem like a career for older kids, if your 12-year-old is skilled at it, he or she can charge more than many other possibilities for making extra money. It’s a good idea to approach local companies to see if they need help with branding work like logo change or marketing materials like leaflet printing.

One of the best first jobs is being a golf caddy or someone who carries golf clubs and balls for other golfers. It can be monotonous at times, but if you frequent the correct golf courses, you can make good money in tips without putting in any effort.

Yard sale. This is a simple method for kids of all ages to earn money by selling things they no longer use or want. Having a yard sale is a great way to get rid of clutter and make some extra cash during the warmer months when more people are out and about, as well as in the weeks leading up to Christmas when shoppers are on the lookout for deals on toys.

Children can learn valuable life lessons while playing video games, and some games even provide ways for them to earn real money. Options here include listing your virtual pet on social media or an auction website like eBay. Before allowing your child to use a computer or mobile device, you should always double-check the security, privacy, and permission settings.

Put together a channel on YouTube. Making videos for YouTube is a great way for kids as young as 12 to learn about technology and perhaps make some money on the side. Art, fidget devices, cuisine, and dance are just a few of the many thriving subcultures out there. Because it takes time to build a following and a following is what ultimately brings in the big bucks on YouTube, it’s important to choose a topic that your kid is genuinely interested in.

Reusing and reselling in an environmentally responsible manner. Together with your kid, check out the local fleamarkets and see if any of the old clothes they have lying around can be repurposed. Buying and selling used goods, such as antiques or vintage toys, can be a simple yet lucrative strategy to increase your financial standing. If they have social media accounts, they can utilise them to promote their company, which is a terrific way to pick up some marketing know-how as a bonus.

Blogging. Despite the initial investment of time, blogs have quickly become a common type of online microbusiness due to the prevalence of ad networks, allowing anyone to make money from the words they type.

Cut grass. The warm weather of summer is a great time to lend a hand to those who could use assistance in their gardens. It’s a good idea to start by asking close friends and neighbours. It’s a win-win for your kid to get out and earn some cash while getting some exercise and fresh air.

Gardening. There are a wide variety of roles that can be played by someone having this gig. They could also help with landscaping by pulling weeds, raking freshly cut grass, and picking up litter.

Produce and peddle handiwork. Crafting is an excellent method to make money if you have skills like crocheting, cricutting, baking, sewing, knitting, or painting.

Walking Dogs. A 12 year old would have plenty of stamina for dog walking and sitting. Of course, this should be limited to just one small well-known dog for safety reasons. 

It doesn’t have to be just dogs pet sitting is a simple task (set out cat food and water, tend to the house plants, and lock up), but the homeowner and their pets will place a high value on your reliability. You could suggest that your preteen start small, with close acquaintances like relatives and friends.

Mentor. Middle schoolers at age 12 can gain valuable work experience by mentoring elementary school students.

The Lemonade Stand. It’s a classic, but if you can make a refreshing soft drink, it will sell in summer. A   would make this what is commonly thought of as a “summer job” more sustainable. During the cooler months, you switch to hot chocolate.

Clean Cars. It’s possible that this is something you’d just do in the summer, but it’s still a good way to quickly make a lot of money. Car valeting is a profitable and in-demand business. With mobile jet wash pumps, and some cleaning clothes, a 12 ear old could become the go-to car wash kid in your area.

Sell Clothing. The advent of print-on-demand platforms like VistaPrint has made this a breeze, and lots of opportunities to earn a living doing this, such as coming up with catchy slogans and eye-catching images.

eCommerce. Most kids over the age of 12 today have heard of internet retailers like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. With their own internet store, your preteen can sell things they make or gather items that their family no longer need and sell them online. 

Home Baking. No one can resist a tasty dessert. You might encourage your 12-year-old’s interest in cooking and baking by encouraging them to open a cookie, cupcake doughnuts business. 

Making your first pound when you’re 12 can be thrilling, motivational, and educational. All of the aforementioned jobs are great ways to ease your tween into the working world. Make the most of these situations to hone important abilities like self-control, punctuality, and budgeting.