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Is the Munchkin Bluetooth Swing Worth it?

Munchkin Bluetooth Swing

Yes, with a collective 682 5-star reviews the Munchkin Bluetooth Swing is a worthy powered baby swing to buy. In fact, we rank this as one of the best on the market.

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Munchkin Baby Swing is a revolutionary infant swing chair and seat that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth®. It’s never been simpler to safely calm a fussy infant. This is not your typical infant swing. This modern baby swing features a safety harness to keep baby in place, many reclining positions, and Bluetooth connectivity so you can play soothing music or sounds from your phone.

The ideal newborn and infant swinging motion that your little one will love imitates parents’ natural side-to-side sway and has five levels of range of motion.

The swing seat’s digital touch display and simple remote control make it simple to adjust the recline angle, swing speed, music, and timer.

Baby Swing is easy to clean and transport about your house or travel because it weighs half as much as other swings and just takes a few seconds to construct and disassemble for storage when not in use.

Play your child’s favourite music from your phone through the premium speaker system in the swing. The preloaded app comes with eight calming ambient sounds, four classical music pieces to calm your infant, and a customizable playlist.

Munchkin Bluetooth Swing Specifications

  • Dimensions: H47 / W66 / D66 cm
  • x 5 naturally swaying speed motions
  • Beautiful backlit touchscreen display
  • Ideal for babies weighing up to 9kg, or until they’re able to climb out
  • Foldable and lightweight design
  • Safe, comfortable, and secure hardness system
  • Removable and fully washing fabrics for messy babies
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Munchkin Bluetooth Swing Online Deals

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Munchkin Bluetooth Swing Buying Details

Munchkin Bluetooth Swing costs

The Munchkin Bluetooth Swing will cost around £190 from most retailers.

We’ve found Amazon has some of the best prices, deals, and delivery times.

If you’re looking for a more affordable electric power baby swing or bouncer from Munchkin you’re out of luck as this is their only product, there’s no budget swing by Munchkin.

Munchkin Baby swing cost savings can be made by buying the Munchkin Bluetooth-enabled baby swing second-hand from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or other such marketplaces.

Where to buy a Munchkin Baby Swing

Typically, the best deals for the Munchkin Swing and other popular swings and bouncer brands can be found online.

The Munchkin Bluetooth Swing can be purchased brand new from high street shops and online retailers such as Amazon (See Deal), Argos, Boots, and the Munchkin website itself.

Is Munchkin Bluetooth Swing any Good?

Overall, munchkin Bluetooth swings user feedback reviews from parents are excellent, with most reviewers leaving 5-star ratings on e-commerce platforms.

Munchkin is a reputable brand in the baby and parenting market. Munchkin produces safety gates, baby eating and drinking tools, booster seats, and more.