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Learning Audio Books for Children

child listening to audio book

Audio books and podcasts have become very popular. The digital world has opened access to vast archives of interesting and educational conversations suited to people of all ages.

Obviously, some subject matters in these audiobooks are not suitable for children, but there are now many educational audio books designed just for kids’ development. And in today’s article, we’ll walk you through a few options and give some guidance for parents on how best to use audio learning.

Here are some interesting audiobook picks available on Audible.

1. Learning Multiplication for Kids Audiobook

This audiobook for children’s math is ideal for helping your child learn. Are you aware that your kid is having trouble learning multiplication, and you wonder what they struggle? You show your child the most effective way to master the timetables.

You try every time as you’ve used the same strategy since you remember. You’re inclined not to persevere and leave it to the teachers to take charge of teaching math times tables to your child.

2. You Are Awesome Audio Book

This encouraging and inspiring guide by the best-selling author of mindset will help boys and girls to build their confidence, reach their full potential, and grow into amazing, successful, and happy adults.

If you think you’re not able to achieve something, the odds are that you’ll never attempt. But what if you could improve your math skills, sports, or even examinations? What is it if you could do better in everything you put the effort into?

You Are Amazing can assist you in doing exactly that, inspiring and encouraging young listeners to gain confidence and realize their full potential.

The first book for children by Times reporter and twice-awarded Olympian and best-selling author of the mindset Matthew Syed uses examples of successful individuals from Mozart and Serena Williams to demonstrate that success is earned and not a gift and the ability to be gifted can be developed.

Through hard work and perseverance, as well as self-belief and discipline and, most importantly, having a positive mindset, there’s no reason that anybody shouldn’t be able to achieve anything.

3. Absolutely Everything!

Narrated by the best-selling author of world history, Christopher Lloyd, this remarkable tale (which is way more fascinating than anything you could make up) covers the entire history of nature, beginning with the birth of Earth as well as the start of the life cycle, time of the dinosaurs, massive extinctions along with the continuing rise of the prehistoric human beings.

The story continues across ancient civilizations and into the medieval era, when revolutions, wars, and the development of science alter the world. Then we enter the age of modernity, which brings new problems of pollution, climate change viruses, and more.

What will happen to a planet of 8 billion people surviving in the near future? For all ages between 7 and 107, This engaging and fast-paced historical narrative connects all the important connections of the past using humour, personality and style.

Why audiobooks Can Play a Role in the development of children

Audio conversations and guides have many aspects that positively affect your child’s development. For example, they can significantly promote language development and increase your child’s vocabulary and freedom of speech. They also stimulate the imagination and help children learn to listen with concentration. Another advantage is that audio books can have a relaxing effect on most children and thus help them fall asleep.

What ages are audio books suitable for?

In the majority of cases, simple audio shorts are suitable for children up to the age of two. It is nevertheless important to keep in mind the age-appropriate recommendations for children If the music is too complicated, young children may only listen in a limited way because they have different ears than adults or older children.

They only perceive the parts of the plot that they can understand or that they consider important. Only children from about eight years of age are normally able to follow longer radio plays correctly. If the child likes the audiobook, it can’t be that bad for them, but you should ensure that it doesn’t scare the child or overwhelm him.

Which topics are suitable for children?

Which topics are suitable for each child depends on the age of the child. Stories that have something to do with everyday life, such as brushing your teeth or experiences on the playground, are particularly suitable for children between the ages of two and four in daycare.

While children between the ages of six and eight are more enthusiastic about audiobooks that take them on a journey of discovery and deal with topics such as family, friendship and courage.

The stories can now build on each other; encouraging movement or interaction are particularly well suited for this. Between the ages of nine and twelve, children already have very specific ideas about which stories they like and are also able to follow a longer audio book.

You can choose audio books that target a specific area of their schooling education, such as a French language learning audio series to help with their french class, or whichever language they happen to be learning. Or maths, English, science, or any audio that helps directly with a subject their studying in school.

This is where the audio book really comes into its own and helps advance your child’s education, away from the harms of the internet and addictive use of social media.

How Parents Can Pick the Right audiobooks?

Before purchasing the audiobook, it’s essential to know if it’s a book or a radio show because some kids find reading boring and never listen. Additionally, radio shows that are too intense could not be appropriate in some situations because they could overload the child and take an extended time to get them to relax.

Another important factor is the speaker of the story, they should not speak too fast and not too slow; it is also important to note that the pronunciation is clear and the intonation is child-friendly.

The best thing to do is choose the audio book together with your child. At audible, you will find a very large selection of radio plays suitable for children, making it easier for you to find the right work for your offspring.

As you can see, audio books have much more to offer than disadvantages for your child and, if you follow the tips described above, can play an essential part in their positive development.